Amy joined the team in August 2020 and now works with our lifestyle and hospitality clients. She fills us in on her day which includes a client meeting, social media scheduling and trying out a new sandwich bar in town…

8:00 AM: Time to leave for work. I commute three times a week from Cheltenham, listening to Greg James on Radio 1 and singing awfully to pop songs (sorry, Dua Lipa).

8:50 AM: Coffee o’clock.

9:00 AM: I start the day by replying to client emails, organising my tasks and checking through all of my clients’ social media accounts to reply to comments and DMs. Oh, and I must also make sure I give George, the office dog, plenty of love – as Director of Happiness, George is great at his job.

10:00 AM: I have a client meeting in town at 10:30, so I take one last look at the website report, ensuring I’ve included all relevant stats and social media data over the past month. Everything looks good, so I pack up my laptop and head over to my client's office.

10:30 AM: In the client meeting, I present the data which covers everything from keyword rankings, website traffic and Google Ad stats, to social media analysis, email marketing data and SEO targets. The aim here is to give my client a holistic overview of the past month.

11:45 AM: I’m back in the office and after a quick catch up with Emma, our Client Services Director, about the meeting, I get cracking with some social media planning and scheduling. Today, I’m working on Westlands UK – a British grower of edible flowers and micro leaves. I use my planning document to jot down what posts need to go out, and when. I need some social graphics made up, so I brief Scott on the creative.

12:15 AM: Now that I have my social media posts for Westlands planned out, I write up the social posts and locate the imagery to go alongside them. Today, I also spend a bit of time creating an Instagram Reel using footage from our site visit.

1:30 PM: Lunchtime – a new sandwich bar has opened up in town so we all went to check it out. Verdict? Delish.

2:00 PM: I use Later and Hootsuite to schedule in my posts for Westlands across all platforms. Each social site has a slightly different tone, so I ensure the language is correct and include relevant hashtags where necessary.

3:00 PM: After a quick coffee break, I catch up on emails from the day and a couple of actions have come up that I need to jump on. One of my clients, Linbury Doctors, would like a new photograph uploaded to their website asap, while another client – Impasto – would like their latest food menu to be shared on social.

3:30 PM: Urgent tasks complete, I now move on to creating Westlands’ monthly eNewsletter. I plan out the content, write the copy and include buttons that link through the website. After playing around with the design and layout, I decide to make a GIF to make their latest product really stand out and encourage even more click-throughs. Time to get creative! After final edits and proofreading, I send the draft email to the client for sign-off.

4:45 PM: I jump back on socials and reply to any comments that have come in throughout the day. Before finishing up for the day, I make a few Instagram stories and Twitter Fleets for my clients, sharing the latest post or photos they’ve been tagged in – social media is all about keeping that conversation going!

5:00 PM: I wrap up for the day and hit the road back to Cheltenham.

6:00 PM: I’m back home and now it’s time to go for a run. At the beginning of lockdown, I took up running regularly and haven’t stopped since! The rest of my evening includes cooking dinner, catching up with my friends and watching The Office with my partner, Dom.

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