Life outside the office.

We asked what a typical weekend is like for George 🦮🍭🐷 Here's what he had to say...

The weekend:

Well, now mum works from home on a Friday I get to spend the day there which is always fun, I have all my toys and treats at home which I love… I do miss my team in the office though (But that just makes Mondays even better). I get a nice walkies and big dinner in the evening to kick off my weekend, before snuggling up for the night with piggy.


Saturdays I like to have a nice lie-in before a scrumptious breakfast, once mums free from her Yoga I might get a nice big walkies if I’m good…. That’s my favourite thing to do on a Saturday, after being given loads of treats of course :P I love a big dinner before relaxing for the night as well…


On a Sunday I like to chill, at some point we get out for a family walk, but around that, I like to relax, play a bit, and eat loads of good food, so I’m ready for my week of work ahead.

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