Life outside the office.

To get to know 'Jont' better we asked what a typical weekend in his life looked like, here’s what he had to say… ☕️🏏🍺🦮

The Weekend:

Friday night is usually spent cooking lunch ready for cricket on Saturday morning so I can have a bit more of a lie-in, I’m usually quite tired after working all week so I tend to stay in and relax after that.


Saturday morning, I have a staple breakfast of a cinnamon and raisin bagel, scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon, rogue I know, but it sets me up nicely for a day of playing cricket. At the moment during the season, I usually head out for cricket around 10:30 and then might get home around 20:00, they’re very long days, especially if you end up going out on a Friday night…


Sundays are usually spent with the family; I tend to head to the shops with mum of a morning and then grab a coffee. We always take the dog out on a Sunday afternoon; we might head for a cheeky drink at the pub (it’s always the dog that drags us there of course…) usually after this we tuck into a roast around 15:30, dad loves to cook one up when he’s not working! The evening is usually spent relaxing and watching a film or some TV before preparing everything for work on Monday morning.

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