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Many agencies seem to think branding is simply the design of a logo. While this is a good place to start, we consider building your “visual position” to be something larger. Building an entire system of identity allows you to present a cohesive and consistent identity, ultimately portraying your company values and ethos to new and existing customers alike.


As mentioned above, the logo is a good place to start, and forms the core of your brand identity. A logo should be unique to you, and can consist of a graphical element with text and symbol/emblem, or just text (known as a logotype).

Our design team will work with you to decide on the most suitable design style for your logo, and will provide you with a number of concepts to look over before moving onto refinement and with your approval, final designs - these will be supplied in a number of formats, giving you a library of logos for use online and in print.


Throughout the design process, the creative team will advise and demonstrate different colour options for your logo which, once finalised, would be used throughout and promotional materials, websites, brochures etc.

Using consistent colours throughout your materials aids brand recognition, and the right colours have the power to influence your potential customer’s decisions. We know, we study colour psychology and see it in action with our existing customers every day.

You’ll receive brand guidelines detailing your key, and secondary, colour swatches.


Of equal importance is the art of typography - the fonts and typefaces used throughout your materials. Why? Consistency!

This is often led predominantly by the typefaces used in your logo, with additional versions for use in things like headings, paragraph text, quotations and more - your brand guidelines will detail these and their uses so that all future marketing materials are ‘on-brand’ and looking their very best.

Images and tone of voice

With the danger of repeating ourselves… consistency, on and offline. It applies to everything and it’s at the heart of a beautifully developed brand identity. The photographs you use and the way your copy is written (think first person, third person, professional, jovial, light hearted, serious) is crucial to getting your brand right. By keeping things consistent, you are helping people differentiate between your brand and your competitors.

Joining the dots

The small details that tie your brand together are known as brand elements, and we don’t think any brand is complete without a library of these elements that can be used throughout your marketing materials, website, social media and in print - it might be textures taken from the logo, line styles, use of white space, additional graphics… once again, the aim is for consistency!

In a nutshell, there is a lot more to a brand than a logo, and we are perfectly positioned to help you develop a brand identity to be proud of. We work with everyone from business startups to multinationals looking to bring their brand up to date when their company has outgrown their existing identity.

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