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If you were a magpie, (who happened to be a marketing expert), you’d sit dreaming all day about a project that features diamonds. It just so happens one or two members of our team are “magpies” and love all that glitters! With products this beautiful we just needed to add some identity.

Fine jewellery is probably something most of us aspire to own. The thing is, many don’t realise that it’s not inconceivable to have one or two special pieces in the draw at home.

Insights Gained

Anja Potze Fine Jewellery wanted to reach a slightly younger affluent audience and really showcase their gorgeous broad range of jewellery in a new and innovative way. [Enter This Is Union, stage left] After reviewing the market, and Anja’s product and service offering, we formed a plan centred around changing the current perception of the brand.

We developed a new style of showcasing the product, and strategy that made their social channels work a lot harder; ultimately pulling in new customers, and appealing to lapsed customers. It took just three months to see a dramatic increase in traffic to the boutique. We have found that when we push a product/ range campaign on social, there is a peak in purchases around that particular item; the power of campaign strategy!

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