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No introduction is required when it comes to the world’s largest chain of fast-food restaurants. However, what you won’t know is their journey to become leaders of how millions of mobile users interact with their global empire started at our independent agency here in Worcester.


The hugely popular fast-food chain started back in 1948 and has come a seriously long way since the days of selling 15 cent hamburgers. Now, you will find the hypnotising glow of the golden arches in pretty much every city around the world. But how did this enormous corporation find themselves asking a little independent agency in Worcester for help?

Insights Gained

'We were delighted to be put into the hot-seat by DesireIT to create this revolutionary food ordering app on behalf of the fast-food giant.  It was an honour to be part of the early stage development and to see for it has developed to become a world-wide used service is quite frankly mind blowing.'
-    Scott, Managing Director

Our partners on this project were Desire It, who lead the market in beacon technology, but when it came to a mobile app’s user journey for McDonald’s, we were asked to help.

The unique part to this Click & Collect service is the actual beacons themselves. These are little ice hockey puck style objects that tell the restaurant when the customer has entered the building. Our job was to make the food ordering process fool proof, by designing the customer journey using insight and our creative grey matter.

We were extremely proud to be a part of the early stages of this concept and excited to now see it rolled out globally! Who would’ve thought that an enormous corporation such as McDonald’s would trust such an integral part of their app development to a local independent agency, but we think it’s fair to say our team smashed it.

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