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Since 1977 Mind Body Spirit has been bringing together all things wellbeing and spirituality to provide a once in a lifetime, annual Wellbeing Festival experience. Now, more than 40 years on, the MBS festival is the largest of its kind here in the UK with festivals in London, Birmingham and live events all over the UK

Whether it’s Yoga or Angels, Crystals or Food, there’s a little something for everyone at the Mind Body Spirit festival. Remaining true to its core formula put in place over 40 years ago, the festival experience brings together inspiring motivational speakers, musicians, artists, yogis and performers from across the globe. Each year the festival offers a curated list of free experiences to help visitors grow, try something new and truly embrace the Mind Body Spirit culture.  

Mind Body Spirit approached us wanting to diversify its reach and help to promote their festival and live experiences more effectively across a digital platform. It’s safe to say This Is Union channelled their inner positivity and brought the good vibes to make great things happen!

Insights Gained

‘Finding a way to capture the essence of a beloved and established live, immersive experience for such a wide cut-through of show visitors was a hugely intricate task! Creating content that not only fit the Mind Body Spirit brand and USPs but also appealed and attracted to those individual audiences on a regular basis; was a fun challenge! Now, with engaging content, considered link in to Influencers and experts in the Mind Body and Spirit field, MBS has a social presence to be proud of!'

- Emma, Client Services Director

Up until recent years, Mind Body Spirit has been a largely ‘physical’ show. The challenge came in transporting the feel, energy and vibe of the show across to a digital platform, maintaining the same engagement and excitement you would feel in the exhibition hall. We set about bringing content to life, increasing engagement and introducing authentic storytelling to really highlight the diverse and inspirational elements that can be experienced at the show. 

Community is everything! The show brings together thousands of people from all walks of life into one place to share amazing experiences and energy creating a beautiful, diverse community. This community commutes to the digital landscape perfectly meaning Mind Body Spirit can continue to connect, engage and inspire it’s collective 51,000+ followers across the globe on a daily basis. We’ve helped to create an online community who no longer have to wait for the physical festivals to share their experiences, beliefs and values with one another, as they can now do it through our online presence.

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