New Instagram Tagging Features To Watch Out For!

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, recently announced that Instagram will be rolling out three new features that will change the way tagging works on the platform.


In a recent video on his profile, he discussed two new Instagram tagging features as well as a new ranking algorithm, and why they are being implemented. Over the last year, the platform has had a huge focus on rewarding creators for their work. They are a vital part of Instagram’s future and giving them incentives to express themselves and create original content is getting increasingly important.


See Adam Mosseri's Video Here.


So, What are the New Ranking and Instagram Tagging Features being Tested?


1.     Product Tags


Everyone will now be able to tag products and brands in their own, personal content. Previously, this feature had been limited to certain brands and creators. However, you can now tag a product and drive attention and traffic to that brand or creator. Sharing this allows people to show off the brands and products they love, as well as develop a shopping platform on the site.


2.     Enhanced People Tags


Select a category, through the edit profile section, that allows you to show off you as a creator and identity when you’re tagged in posts and reels. The category will show up when you are tagged in content. So, if you are a photographer or a rapper, this will show up under your name when you get tagged. This feature enhances users’ identities on the site, and allows them to truly express themselves for who they are.


3.     Ranking Changes - Valuing Originality


This ranking change, currently in the early phases of testing, will reward new and original content higher than content that is reshared. The focus of this is to value original content, meaning it will be ranked higher on the algorithm. This feature is designed to give creators incentive to create new content, rather than redistributing what others have already created.


This is just a small update from Adam Mosseri, and there are sure to be more developments in the next few months.


What could this mean to Instagram and its users?


Product tags becoming available to everyone will create a big change. UGC (User Generated Content) and free promotion for businesses will dramatically increase as any user can now tag their favourite brands and creators’ products in their own content. While this is good for brand exposure, it could lead to businesses being overcrowded with content that may not be accurate or good quality. A nightmare for marketing teams!


However, having free customer promotion is a big benefit, as we all know how popular UGC has become. The fact any influencer or user can tag products that leads straight to a company’s shop (through a ‘shop now’ button) is a great opportunity. The communication between brands/creators and their followers will only grow stronger. 


The enhanced people tag feature gives creators and users more identity as people can now see them for who they are. Tags that showcase your identity, whether you’re a photographer, rapper or other creator, will help to increase reach and reward great content. Another great way to gain yourself more exposure.


The ranking change for originality boosts creativity and gives more people an incentive to express themselves and create original content. It is vital for creators that they are rewarded and given credit for content they’ve created themselves. However, accounts that rely on resharing content may suffer as they may not be ranked as highly by the new change.


With more developments to come in the near future, this is an exciting time for Instagram and the upcoming changes in social media.


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